Senior Machine Learning & AI Engineer (Industry AI SaaS Company) at SkyPoint Cloud
Onsite/Remote / Karnataka, IN / Bangalore, IN
Who we are:
SkyPoint’s mission is to unify data integration, analytics, and AI into a cohesive SaaS offering powered by Data Lakehouse architecture.
Our Modern Data Stack Platform brings people and data together with a focus on enhancing the healthcare and senior living industries. We are proud partners of Microsoft, OpenAI, and Databricks.
As an ML & AI Engineer at SkyPoint, you will help build cutting-edge technology with Databricks, MLflow, Open Source Models, OpenAI (GPT 4). Your focus will be automating data retrieval, feature extraction, model training, and deployment at scale. You will research new ML & AI tech and work with engineers to improve the AI/ML infrastructure.
Design, implement, and evaluate Generative AI models for healthcare industry.
Partner with TPMs and developers to build and deploy Generative AI systems to extract insights from senior care data.
Build a ML pipeline for data retrieval, preprocessing, feature extraction, model training, and deployment.
Design and implement a CI/CD pipeline for model training and deployment to production.
Create a monitoring platform to evaluate and retrain models as needed.
Lead the technical roadmap and evolve the ML infrastructure.
Develop various modules in the ML pipeline.
Build AI pipelines using semantic vector representations.
Fine tuning, training open source LLMs.
Choose the right algorithms and tools for Gen AI tasks.
Create benchmarking data for Gen AI tasks.Analyze results and refine models.
7+ years experience in Scala or Python for mission-critical apps.
2+ years experience in building ML and data pipeline architecture.
Experience in AI / Gen AI and ML.
Familiarity with deep learning techniques and ML algorithms.
Expertise in Python or Scala and experience with large datasets.
Knowledge of semantic representations, vector mapping & key means clustering.
Proven NLP Engineer experience or similar role.
Strong understanding of text representation techniques, statistics, and classification algorithms.
Familiarity with ML frameworks (like Keras or PyTorch) and libraries (like scikit-learn).
Strong SQL and NoSQL database knowledge.
Track record of delivering successful software projects from conception to production.
Strong understanding of data structures and algorithms.
MS/PhD in Computer Science & Engineering from top-tier school (IITs, RECs, etc.).
Perks of working with us:
·       Opportunity to work with a US-based fast-growing SaaS start-up (Industry Data & AI).
·       Competitive total compensation package including equity and performance-based bonus plans.
·       Industry-focused certifications and ongoing training opportunities.
·       Company happy hours and fun team-building activities.
·       Meal cards, other incentives, and gift hampers.
·       Awards and recognition programs.