Email Marketing Manager at TrovaTrip
Portland, OR, US

We’re looking for the perfect balance of technical expertise, creative writing ability, and a self-starter attitude. The Email Marketing Manager will provide complete marketing campaign development, execution and management. The objective is to drive Host (B2B) and Traveler (B2C) acquisition and nurture them through the customer journey for a profitable email program. This is a hands-on role with activities that include thinking strategically, developing content, workflow designs, measurement, and reporting. This person will support the marketing team to develop profitable email and SMS communications to ensure the department and company goals are met. 

We’re looking for an ambitious, curious email marketer who isn’t afraid to try new strategies and techniques that drive email and text marketing engagement. With list sizes of over 10,000+ (Host) and 635,000+ (Traveler), email and text messaging are important channels for converting our audience and we need a passionate creative to help scale our efforts.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Serve as email and SMS communications lead, working with marketing leadership to strategize marketing campaigns that speak directly to the ideal customer.
  • Lead day-to-day execution of email and SMS campaigns, automated flows, and transactional emails including building emails from templates, copywriting, asset coordination, QA, and scheduling, email content development, coordinating creative with both internal and external partners, and optimizing results.
  • Incorporate brand voice, style, and QA all copy and design assets for email and SMS campaigns.
  • Devise and execute A/B tests, manage testing calendar, record results, and advise on improvements. Testing includes subject lines, message content, CTAs, customer cohorts, segments, send time, and new features intended to drive engagement and revenue. 
  • Document roadmaps for automations, processes, A/B tests, and email optimization.
  • Drive engagement to other channels through effective CTAs, UTMs, and thoughtful click paths. 
  • Develop and execute methods to grow and maintain healthy mailing lists through regular cleaning and monitoring list decay, bounces, and unsubscribes while increasing the productivity of email sends. 
  • Build dynamic segments based on audience types and stage of the customer journey.
  • Research email marketing best practices and send times along with areas of new opportunities to ensure best practices are met for strong deliverability results.
  • Support the Product team with transactional email flow template builds, copywriting, and maintenance for optimization.
  • Closely monitor the performance of the email and text channels, provide monthly reporting on KPIs, and make recommendations for improvement using data.  
  • Supporting ad hoc email marketing requests working cross-functionally.

Requirements and Skills:

  • 4 - 5 years of Email Marketing Manager or Digital Marketing Specialist with a proven track record of revenue growth
  • Excellent written communication and copywriting skills.
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing certification or significant experience with HubSpot or similar ESP.
  • Detailed knowledge of email regulations, best practices, and compliance internationally in various regulatory regimes (e.g., GDPR or CASL).
  • Proficiency in marketing automation technology 
  • Hands-on experience with content management systems and HTML parameters.
  • Familiarity with analytical and database tools.
  • Thorough understanding of how to use UTMs for tracking marketing performance.
  • Proven ability to work under tight deadlines.
  • Strong attention to detail to ensure all sends are relevant, accurate, professional, and on-time.
  • A rapid and consistent follow-up style that continually inspires confidence.
  • Positive energy and a collaborative spirit that adds to and brings out the best in the collective marketing team.
  • BONUS: Experience with implementing dynamic email campaigns.


TrovaTrip is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion. TrovaTrip considers equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion to be fundamental to the mission of the company. TrovaTrip benefits include health care, vision, dental, trip perks, paid time off, and retirement savings.