React Mobile/Web Developer at ToolBelt
Portland, OR, US / Vancouver, WA, US

At Toolbelt we value teamwork, both internally and with our customers. Our number one goal is to build the best construction labor procurement solution period. Through close ties with our customers and industry vendors we are able to gather feedback and implement substantive, innovative changes to our software in ways that outshine anyone else in the industry. Our teams collaborate closely – from sales, customer success, and business to dev and IT – and spur creativity in order to build the best job matching platform for our customers.

We are looking for talented and creative team members who are passionate about writing good code and building something awesome. You will be joining a small team of developers to maintain, further develop, etc. an enterprise level web application as well as furthering development on an existing mobile app. We are looking for someone that can design and write code quickly and efficiently. Along with writing code you will be participating in regular code reviews and testing. You will help set and maintain code standards, as well as helping the team follow best test-driven development standards.

Application Stack

  • Front-end
  • React Native iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Next.js Web App
  • Back-end
  • Node.js + Express
  • Java Spring Boot
  • Data
  • mySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server


  • Implement and launch elegant and maintainable applications and systems
  • Adopt and promote best-practices and technology for performance, usability, and testability
  • Wear multiple hats. We are a relatively small organization and it is vital that everyone is prepared to do things that may not be part of their regular workflow
  • Write test-driven code and perform regular testing of your and the team’s code
  • Work closely with off-shore and remote developers
  • Build new features and interfaces using design specifications and mockups
  • Participate in daily standups and be involved in regular sprint planning
  • Squash bugs
  • Perform code reviews and pull-requests
  • Communicate your engineering ideas and decisions to any and all areas of the business


  • 3+ years of experience in web development
  • Experience with full stack development
  • Proficient in Javascript, HTML, and ability to write modular and responsive CSS
  • 1+ years of experience developing, launching and evolving scalable web applications
  • Experience with Test Driven Development
  • Ability to prioritize customer value and business objectives when making engineering decisions
  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Great attention to detail


  • B.S in Computer Science
  • Experience with multiple full-stack web frameworks
  • Experience with React Native, Java Experience building APIs for internal and public-facing use cases
  • Experience with Agile and/or Scrum development methodologies
  • Experience in working with customers for requirements gathering and writing user stories
  • Contribution to open source project