Equity Solutions Specialist at Lumen Learning
Portland, OR, US

The Equity Solutions Specialist works across the company to ensure that Lumen’s solutions create unprecedented learning for all students. This requires a strong understanding of evidence-based practices that achieve equitable educational results, excellent communication skills, and excellent communication and collaboration skills.

The primary metrics for the position include:

  1. Achievement of equitable outcomes among all students using Lumen products
  2. Adoption by faculty members of Lumen’s solution as a result of their ability to increase equitable student outcomes
  3. Completion of defined initiatives on time

Organization Alignment

  • Reports to the Director of Equity & Grant Initiatives
  • Collaborates actively with the product and learning teams
  • Participates in the leadership of key grant initiatives

Key Responsibilities

Create tools and frameworks to increase equitable results for Lumen solutions

  • Provide diversity, equity, and inclusion insights that support the development and continuous improvement of Lumen products.
  • Understand and remain current with diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging research.
  • Recruit and collaborate with a range of experts who provide research-based input to teaching and learning solutions that achieve improved and equitable outcomes for students

Review and improve cultural relevance of Lumen solutions

  • Advise internal team on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging research and practices to increase understanding and improve solutions
  • Provide constructive but critical feedback to strengthen the representation of diverse perspectives within Lumen products and services.

Participate in user testing to evaluate results and implement improvements that increase impact for historically marginalized student populations.

  • Interpret user testing results, providing DEIB insights that inform product improvements
  • In collaboration with the product team, review and track metrics to meet goals and achieve results.

Provide personal leadership

  • Contribute to Lumen’s success in achieving our mission
  • Inspire and support Lumen’s partners to do their best work
  • Personify values of creativity, generosity, openness, commitment and belonging
  • Make Lumen a more successful, effective and inclusive organization

The ideal candidate will have the following skills and experience

  1. A deep understanding of equity-centered solutions and cultural relevance.
  2. A successful track record of leading equity initiatives in a higher education setting. This may include research initiatives, implementation initiatives or a blending of the two.
  3. A demonstration of strong verbal and written communications skills.
  4. A history of learning, and adjusting future plans to incorporate new knowledge and information.