DevOps Engineer at Lumen Learning
Remote / United States of America

As Lumen Learning serves more and more students and faculty with our innovative learning platforms, we are expanding our Cloud Infrastructure team. We embrace the philosophies of DevOps and are looking for a candidate who’ll work directly with engineers to make our applications more scalable and observable over time.  If you’d like to be part of our phenomenal team providing better access to education in Higher Ed, we’d love for you to apply.

We are about to increase our number of offerings and we need more DevOps know-how to support the new systems we are building.

What will a successful candidate do in this role?

  1. You’ll build out infrastructure which matches the needs of the application
  2. You’ll actively collaborate with other engineers to build scalable, resilient applications
  3. You’ll find innovative ways to report the stability of our systems

Lumen Learning

Lumen’s company mission is to enable unprecedented learning for all students. Each year we support 400,000 students and 5,000 faculty members in college courses. Lumen provides solutions that create effective learning experiences for students and guide faculty members in the use of evidence-based teaching practices that improve student success. Lumen seeks to create success for all students, with an emphasis on ensuring that race and income are not predictors of success.

Lumen is a small company that is growing rapidly. We are doing something that has not been done before. Each position requires an individual who can assess the needs of customers, the education community, and other Lumen team members and develop new approaches and solutions. This requires creativity, commitment, generosity,  openness, and a drive to create belonging for our team and community.

We are committed to building and supporting a diverse and inclusive team. We know we can only achieve our goals by creating an engineering team of differing perspectives, social circumstances, values, and abilities, including members of historically marginalized communities.

Organization Alignment

  • You’ll report to the Director of Engineering
  • You’ll work jointly with our Lead of Cloud Infrastructure

Key Responsibilities

Infrastructure provisioning

  • Implementing pipelines, managing Docker instances, and orchestrating those containers.
  • Implement security improvements in infrastructure that enhance our security posture and raise our security technology to the level of being a competitive advantage.
  • Improve our monitoring systems and processes to reduce occurrence, cost, and impact of production issues.

Collaborating with Engineering colleagues

  • Collaborate with engineers to implement a containerization strategy for ongoing and future work
  • Implement pipelines, manage and orchestrate containers
  • Engage in code reviews and pair with engineers to help ensure that new development is compatible with infrastructure strategy
  • Assist with day-to-day support issues and be available to address escalations

Provide personal leadership

  • Contribute to Lumen’s success in achieving our mission
  • Promote collaboration and excellence within the Engineering team and partner actively and effectively with the Product Management team
  • Personify values of creativity, generosity, openness, commitment, and belonging
  • Make Lumen a more successful, effective, and inclusive organization

The ideal candidate will have the following skills and experience

  1. One to three years experience supporting the operations of production systems
  2. You have familiarity with Amazon Web Services, especially Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, EC2, and S3
  3. You’ve worked closely with software developers to create and operate continuous integration and delivery pipelines, using TravisCI or similar services
  4. You enjoy automating all the things
  5. You are aware of Terraform and knowledgeable of how it can be used to build infrastructure
  6. You love implementing monitoring and alerting processes that help your whole team sleep better at night, knowing that most problems will be caught before causing outages
  7. You know that making important security choices is critical to protecting our students and our business, and are familiar with vulnerabilities at all levels of the stack