Statistics Subject Matter Expert (SME) at Lumen Learning

We are currently looking for passionate instructors to help us revise, modify, and author content for an Introductory Statistics course that focuses on eliminating the academic equity gaps specifically experienced by Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and low-income students. This is flexible work that can be done from home, from anywhere in the world. The work can be either part-time or full-time and is milestone-based rather than a fixed number of hours per week.

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Statistics, equivalent work experience, or Statistics adjacent fields of study
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent time and project management skills, including the ability to meet project deadlines
  • Extremely reliable: When you take on a task, you see it through to the best of your ability
  • Great people skills: you respect and enjoy working with people and organizations to help them succeed at their objectives
  • While this work is primarily asynchronous, you must have availability to meet once per week (US Pacific time zone) with a Lumen Course Product Manager and other SMEs working on a course project
  • Experience working with students from Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and low-income backgrounds, and a strong aspiration to help remove barriers for these students
  • Interest in evidence-based teaching practices and pedagogy as it applies to Statistics learning

Project Roles

  • Core Content Author: Create the expository content (text, images, video) used in Lumen courses, and write transition content to fill gaps as we rearrange pieces of the course.
  • Question Author: Create outcome-aligned assessment questions with feedback for practice opportunities, self-checks, and quizzes.
  • Interactive Activity Author: Design interactive activities that allow students to get additional practice with difficult concepts.
  • Assignment Author: Create human-graded assignments, discussion prompts, and teacher resources for guided lessons.
  • Classroom Activity Author: Create powerpoints and in-class activities that Lumen instructors use in the classroom.
  • Reviewer/Editor: Edit and proofread content and questions.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Reviewer: Evaluate examples for cultural relevance and inclusion principles and suggest specific improvements.
  • OHM Question Author: Create and code algorithmic questions in the Lumen OHM platform, or write questions that we then code into regenerative questions within OHM.
  • Desmos Content Author: Create interactive math activities in the Desmos authoring platform. Experience with the Desmos platform is required for this role.

If you are interested in working with us as a Statistics Subject Matter Expert, please submit your application through our website. We encourage you to apply if you are excited about these tasks and think you would be successful in this role, even if you don’t meet the exact description of our ideal candidate.

About Lumen

Lumen Learning is a young, growing company that is doing something that has not been done before. We’re using technology, learning design informed by data, and openly licensed content (OER) to enable unprecedented learning results and opportunities for all students, regardless of economic background. Wherever possible, we find and reuse existing OER. In cases where no OER exists, we create content and openly license it for use by others.