Software Architect at Lumen Learning
United States of America / Remote

About Lumen Learning
Lumen’s company mission is to create unprecedented learning for all students. Lumen provides solutions that create effective learning experiences for students and guide faculty members in the use of evidence-based teaching practices that improve student success. Each year, we support 400,000 college students and 5,000 faculty members.

Lumen is a small company that is growing rapidly. We are doing something that has not been done before. This requires creativity, commitment, generosity, and openness.

We are committed to building and supporting a diverse and inclusive team. We know we can only achieve our goals by creating an engineering team of differing perspectives, social circumstances, values, and abilities, including members of historically marginalized communities.

The Position: Software Architect
We are looking for a software architect excited to disrupt inequality in higher education by bringing quality, affordable courseware to all students. You will be part of a growing team responsible for creating the next generation of our courseware and faculty development platforms.

Your day-to-day in this role includes:
-Collaborating and consulting with multiple teams to make technical decisions for our products.
-Creating and refining architectural blueprints and providing them to stakeholders in Engineering and product, with clear costs and benefits of the technical decisions.
-Collecting and synthesizing stakeholder feedback while determining a technical path forward.
-Generating strategies to help the engineering team wisely handle technical debt, and advocating for the resources to carry those strategies out on a regular basis.
-Encouraging the engineering team to rethink technical assumptions and approaches, especially towards the sequencing of work.
-Managing a team of engineers devoted to building integration components between systems and participating in developing those components.

Key responsibilities
Our company values define how we work with customers and with each other to create the successful long-term relationships that support Lumen’s success and your personal success as a team member. Our values drive our responsibilities.

Commitment: We genuinely care.
You care about making a difference in higher education. At Lumen Learning, we love knowing our work makes a big difference to students and faculty all over the US.

Creativity: We solve difficult problems.
You’re curious about the user experience and driven to solve their problems in meaningful, measurable ways. You display creativity in how you approach not only technical problems but also how we work together as a team.

Generosity: We help people be their best.
You want to work in an environment where we give and receive feedback gratefully, where pairing and collaboration are essential to the work at hand, not a distraction from it. You are inspired to help others grow and be challenged to grow and improve yourself.

Openness: We share openly.
Learning and sharing aren’t only things we look to improve for our users and customers, but also within our own team. You want to learn from others’ experiences and share your own to our overall benefit.

Basic qualifications
The ideal candidate will have the following basic qualifications:
-Experience bringing multiple projects of varying scope and scale to completion.
-Experience guiding the development of a greenfield project or a major project forked from a legacy system.
-Experience with multiple technical stacks and an understanding of the trade-offs between using these different stacks.
-Experience managing other developers.
-The ability to reason clearly and build agreement from among disparate points of view.

Organizational alignment
-This role is within the Lumen Engineering team and reports to the Director of Engineering.
-Collaborates closely with other engineers and members of the product team, including Product Managers, Project Managers, and the Vice President of Product.

-Premium medical, dental and vision coverage–with a fully paid premium for employees.
-Flexible paid time off
-401k with company match

How To Apply
Sound like a good fit? If you live in and are authorized to work in the United States, please send your resume and responses to the following questions in lieu of a cover letter.
Based on the information we’ve provided here, what interests you in Lumen Learning?

Tell us about a time when it looked like your team would not be able to deliver all of the features of a project that it had committed to, but out of that situation, your team was able to find some measure of success. How did the team achieve that success? How did the team go about redefining success to better fit the circumstances?
Over the past few years, many architects have settled on the idea that large applications worked by many developers simultaneously is a problematic anti-pattern. Many projects, accordingly, have attempted to decompose larger applications into smaller services. What do you consider to be the two or three most important considerations when carrying out such a decomposition? What do you believe is the most critical danger to be aware of during that decomposition?

More About Lumen Learning
You probably know how expensive buying college textbooks can be. We believe that hundreds of dollars is too much for those textbooks. For many people, the cost is an impassable barrier. We want to change that. Lumen Learning is using technology, research & data-driven learning design, and openly licensed content to deliver unprecedented learning results to college students, at an affordable price. We’re eliminating the need for expensive textbooks, and instead, provide a rich online learning experience that costs students $25 or less. We have our sights set on saving students $1 billion a year.
We’re doing something that hasn’t been done before, and every day our work requires creativity, discipline, teamwork, and immense flexibility. Check out our company values, or find out more about what we do on our website.
Lumen is based in downtown Portland (OR), but our company is made up of roughly 50% distributed employees (from all around the country), so we encourage US-based remote applicants as well.
Lumen is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants regardless of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, disability, genetics, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.