Senior Front End Engineer at Bumped
Portland, OR, US

Candidates need to be located in the Portland, OR metro area. Unfortunately, we cannot support fully-remote employees or relocation services at this time.

Hi there. We’re Bumped. A tech company on a mission to build meaningful, lasting relationships between customers and companies by turning loyal shoppers into shareholders. Along the way, we make the (traditional, sometimes stodgy) stock market more approachable, understandable, and—dare we say it—fun.

We’re building something great to help turn everyone into a stock owner. We partner with banks, brands, and businesses that are passionate about relationships with their customers and want to give a compelling, new reward. It's not about us. It's about consumers and the companies they love, loving them back.

We’d like to add a senior-level Front End Engineer focusing on ReactJS development to augment our front end team. This team is excited about what we are doing and are energized by our social mission, helping people while creating a new market dynamic. We are looking for someone who is passionate about collaborating, solving problems, and all things design, code, and front-end related. If you are the kind of person that can take ownership of what you’re building and feel pride in your contribution, then Bumped may be the right fit for you.

The Role

This role will likely have a lot of responsibilities that revolve around building well-designed, implemented, and tested products. It will require someone with specific expertise building projects up from scratch, including but not limited to tooling, utilities, routing, and templating. You’ll need to be comfortable with contributing to building the tools we’ll all use to build reusable, high-performance components for use within our platform.

At Bumped, You’ll:

  • Design and develop front-end features of the Bumped app and other internally or externally facing products.
  • Build up tooling, paradigms, and utilities that makes the lives of the front end engineers easier.
  • Work with the Product and Design teams to ensure technical feasibility of UI/UX designs.
  • Optimize solutions for speed and scalability.
  • Be able and willing to wear multiple metaphorical hats and contribute in whatever capacity is needed to ensure mutual success.
  • Work constructively with others to discuss potential solutions, make a decision as a team, and move forward decisively and quickly. Be able to align with and support the team’s direction.

Projects you might work on in your first 6 months:

  • Build and maintain accessible interactive experiences for an extremely diverse user base.
  • Build tools and establish paradigms for designing, creating, maintaining, publishing, and documenting reusable components across multiple platforms and projects.
  • Create highly efficient containers designed for code splitting and dynamic loading while maintaining a professional polish.
  • Building reusable micro-interactions and other delight-inducing features to add shine and fun to our applications.
  • Contribute to a high-performance, customizable message-passing framework to facilitate communication between applications.

Experience & Skills

Humility is our #1 job requirement. We hope that candidates will bring the following competencies and expertise, not their ego. If you get the impression that you would be a great fit at Bumped, but don’t necessarily have experience with all skills below, that is okay. We are looking for someone who can find what they love and own it.

Core skill requirements:

  • Ability to collaborate and facilitate clear communication within your team and across the organization
  • Willingness to learn and adapt as needs demand
  • Experience building new react products up from scratch; including but not limited to bootstrapping, tooling, CI, routing and building base components
  • High-level proficiency with JavaScript (vanilla, modern ECMAScript, React, or other JS frameworks), semantic HTML, and CSS
  • Demonstrated experience with animations (framer motion a plus)
  • Willingness to work across multiple platforms (we use both react-dom and react-native in house)
  • Broad knowledge of web standards, trends, and cross-browser compatibility
  • Passion to implement and advise on accessibility, performance, and usability

Advantageous skills include:

  • TypeScript or any strictly typed language
  • GraphQL and Relay
  • React Native, specifically working with native code
  • Experience building apps using a storybook-first approach
  • Experience with unit and functional testing methodologies
  • Building reusable components and design systems

Working at Bumped

Here at Bumped, we believe in a culture of leadership. That means that all of our employees...

Own It: Leaders own results—whether things go right or wrong. We hold ourselves and each other accountable, we learn from our mistakes, we don’t point fingers.

Get the Big Picture: Always seek to understand what’s happening beneath the surface—from how we make company decisions to how your team prioritizes projects. Ask questions when you don’t understand directives or decisions. It’s much easier to believe in a mission when you fully understand it, as opposed to doing so simply because it was a directive.

Assess Your Alignment: Make sure everything you do—on an org, team, or project-level—is aligned with our overarching company goals and values. We must move in the same direction, or nothing will get done.

Be Advanced Humans: We value diversity, inclusivity, and humility. We’re working hard to do something big, and we never lose sight of ethics and respect for all.