User Squad seeks Backend Engineer at Moovel Transit
Berlin, DE


we are Anton, Askan, Marcus, Ievgen and Jan from the user squad. Our job is building the core services that enable customers to use our products and our mobility platform to work. We’re looking for a backend-focused engineer to join our great squad. The programming languages we are using are Java 8, Kotlin, or Scala, but this is not a hard requirement. We believe in hiring good engineers, since programming languages and frameworks change all the time, while good foundations survive and evolve.

First a quick look at moovel

The subject of mobility is evolving at a startling pace. Fundamentals are being questioned, new ways of getting around are emerging and challenging the established ones. At moovel, we aim to take part in shaping that future. Software is eating the world and mobility is certainly no exception. However, building on the operational wisdom of city administrations and mobility service providers, we don't want to disrupt, but augment the means of getting around by employing contemporary technology. Ultimately, we want to help cities become smarter.

The problems we are engaging are manifold and from the real world. Our solutions do not only have an impact on a single industry branch, but also aim to transform the city. They involve fields like routing, searching, AI, innovative UX and much more. Things are very dynamic in the mobility space and thus we devote ourselves to a lot of exploratory work.

How the role works

The services that we are building form the basis of moovel’s mobility platform. They provide authentication and authorization, frictionless customer registration, customer data management, driver’s license validation, consent management, data export functionality, and tools for customer service, among other things. Our work is very API-centered and our customer service UI is the only service that contains UI components at the moment. The APIs that we are building are used by services of other moovel squads, our mobile apps, and by partners of our platform.

We are currently located in moovel’s Hamburg office. In the first quarter of 2019 we are moving to Berlin, our new headquarter. For the first months it would be perfect if you could join us in Hamburg to get to know us better and learn how we work. After that time you will have the chance to come to Hamburg regularly before we’ll join you in Berlin.

Some of the things you will do

We prefer to keep things simple and prefer functional programming. That is why we are using microservices that are deployed on AWS. Our latest services are developed with the Play Framework and Scala. In the past, we also used Kotlin and Java 8 together with Spring Boot.

  • You will be working in the user squad, one of many squads at moovel, possibly one of the best ones.
  • As we prefer to be agile, you will participate in defining our products and building them (our product owner values your input).
  • We follow the “you build it, you run it” mentality. Our work does not end with a pull-request and we like to ship often. Do not feel overwhelmed though, we have capable DevOps people that are there to help us whenever we don’t know how to approach specific problems.

About you

  • You are experienced in one of the programming languages we are using: Java 8, Kotlin, or Scala. This is not a hard requirement. We believe in hiring good engineers. Programming languages and frameworks change all the time, while good foundations survive and evolve.
  • You have knowledge about the Play Framework, Spring Boot or a similar web-framework.
  • You are experienced in building scalable services using well-defined APIs.
  • You know how to operate services in production: deploying, performance monitoring, tracing problems, and optimization are part of the things you have done in the past.
  • We run our services on Amazon Web Services and monitor them with New Relic and Kibana. Knowledge with those technologies is a plus and not mandatory from the beginning.
  • You possess knowledge about SQL and NoSQL databases (we are using Redis and PostgreSQL).
  • You are able to communicate verbally and written in English (our squad is international).

Are you the one who feels addressed? Then we can not wait to meet you soon! Just click the “Apply Now” button.


Anton, Askan, Marcus, Ievgen, and Jan