Design Project Manager at Auth0
Buenos Aires, AR
Our goal at Auth0 is to make developer’s lives easier. Our biggest challenge is understanding problems from the developer’s perspective and crafting beautiful end to end experiences that help developers focus on coding rather worrying about identity management or authentication.
As a Design Project Manager you have explicit responsibility to keep design operations running smoothly. Your primary objective is to make the design organization as effective as possible by enabling designers to focus on the work. The Design Project Manager is a peer to multiple team leads, supporting them and their teams in their work.
Daily activities of the project manager include:
- facilitating prioritization
- identifying milestones
- connecting similar work streams
- managing risk
- streamlining communications
-articulating standards for tools and processes
-aligning schedules
-ensuring the team has the people and resources it needs
You’d be a good fit if:
- have proven experience handling the logistics of relationships with external parties, such as contractors or vendors.
- have an appreciation for design practice and process, so he/she can appropriately advocate for design when other members of the team aren’t there, and not commit the team to timelines and outcomes that aren’t feasible.