Customer Success Manager at
Portland, OR, US

We're making healthcare better. helps primary care providers deliver remarkably efficient remote care, increasing provider capacity by up to 30%, efficiency by as much as 90%, and margins by 5x. We're looking for a Customer Success Manager who’s excited to join our diverse, creative, high-performing team that helps transform healthcare by supporting major health delivery systems with the implementation and optimization of our software.



You’ll be working with a great team of people, with a product that’s truly making a difference - and we want you to enjoy it. We'll provide a compassionate, innovative, happy place to work, and support you in your efforts to become even better. Your ideas will be valued, your efforts recognized, your growth fostered, your contributions rewarded, and your successes celebrated.


Skills & Requirements

You'll work closely with top tier delivery systems, supporting high value integrations with EMRs, and implementing tools that make patients’ and providers’ lives better. You'll be responsible for understanding and anticipating delivery system needs, ensuring their successful implementation, and supporting them in getting ongoing value from our software.


Specifically, in this role, you’ll:

Guide our partners through the implementation process

Identify and advocate for your customers' needs

Help create high quality processes that support our clients’ success

Participate in designing new features of the software


To do well, you'll need to be highly organized, have exceptional communication skills, and a strong sense of urgency. We're looking for someone who eagerly seeks responsibility and isn’t afraid of a challenge. This role requires you to be a critical thinker - able to break down complex and, at times, technical processes into easily understood issues that can be triaged, tracked and resolved. Your role will be key to ensuring that mistakes don’t get repeated - you’ll establish and manage appropriate tools, guidelines, and documentation to identify and resolve problems, as well as prevent them from happening. You'll need to draw from a wide range of skills; participating in client presentations to C-Level executives, writing professional-grade documentation, training and supporting clinicians, and evaluating potential software solutions to solve problems we encounter. You’ll play a key role in building the tools and processes others will follow, helping us continue to scale as our software becomes more widely adopted.


You’ll likely need a BA/BS with at least 6-7 years of prior experience. Preference will be given to people with a project management background in healthcare or healthcare IT, but we believe that talent is more important than training or specific knowledge. If you’ve got strong, demonstrated skills, but have taken a different path, we’d still love to hear from you.


Cultural fit is also critical. We’re looking for someone who won’t accept mediocrity, who is open-minded, and who actively shares their ideas. We want someone who works well in an innovative, close-knit team, someone passionate and driven to create something valuable, help people live better lives, and have fun along the way.


There is no cookie-cutter outline for this position. If you are passionate about it and believe you could be a good fit, we want to hear from you.


A Great Place To Work

One of the hottest and most exciting startups in Portland, we've already been recognized as a company that's transforming how healthcare gets delivered. We've closed our second major round of funding and are actively implementing with clinical partners who are leaders in healthcare innovation. Our team has grown to a fantastic group of individuals who are dedicated to leading the industry into the future of healthcare delivery.


We're glad that you're interested in being part of a team that's driven to make a difference. At, your ideas will be valued, your efforts recognized, your growth fostered, contributions rewarded, and successes celebrated. You'll have the autonomy to allow your talents to shine, and we'll provide the support you need to become even better.


We offer a great set of benefits, including employee ownership through great stock options, health insurance with premiums coverage, a generous Health Savings Account (HSA) program, pre-tax transportation dollars, and more


On top of that, you'll be working with a team that knows how to have fun. We play games in the office, run company-sponsored races together, have team dinners and happy hours, go white-water rafting, hiking, and do a bunch of other really fun events and activities.


We're Already Delighting Patients And Providers

We've closed our second major round of funding, are actively implementing with some very exciting clients, and have already grown the team to a fantastic group of individuals who are dedicated to leading the industry into the future of healthcare delivery. We're ready for you to help us grow - so come join us and help transform healthcare into what it can and should be!