Release Engineer at Auth0
United States of America

Auth0 is creating a new team especially dedicated to Release Management. This team is responsible for providing continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) services for other teams inside Auth0. The team also owns Release Management tooling (such as feature flags libraries and components) that allow teams to perform reliable launches while maintaining agility.


We aim to guide teams on how to integrate and deliver their services to production going through the entire Delivery Pipeline, from development to deployment. We provide tools and building blocks to ensure every release is tested, analyzed and measured before delivering it to our production environments.


We are looking for curious, engaging and passionate engineers that will help us build an innovative team with a strong focus on continuously improving and optimizing our release infrastructure. Among the projects this team will be working on:


- Provide a "self-service" provisioning of Continuous Integration (CI) and Delivery (CD) infrastructure for teams

- Provide advice, guidance and tooling on using "CI as Code" for every team

- Collect metrics, logging, and perform reporting about our CI and CD infrastructure

- Keep traceability for every piece of code delivered to production

- Define and optimize Continuous Delivery (CD) workflows by building strategies such as "Green/Blue" deployments or Incremental rollouts for our services

- Develop tools that enable teams to scale their own CI and CD workflows



You will

Engage with every other engineering team at Auth0 to understand their needs and lead them to improve their integration and release experience

Create guidelines for recommended release management practices and evangelize them among teams at Auth0

Automate and scale our CI and CD infrastructure

Enhance engineering operations by providing support and guidance to deliver new services to production

Design, develop and maintain release pipelines for our products

You might be a good fit if you

Have the ability to influence development teams and evangelize best practices

Like to automate everything and cover potential failure scenarios

Prototype and build proof of concepts with different technologies to understand tradeoffs

Have experience with patterns and techniques for software integration and delivery

Are able to context-switch between multiple work streams

Enjoy being part of a highly collaborative, remote first environment

Are familiar with AWS, Terraform, Jenkins and Salt