Engineer, Developer Experience (DX) at Auth0
United States of America

Our Engineering teams are growing and we are constantly seeking to improve their development experience. We are looking for an experienced engineer to help us achieve the level of excellence that teams need to make operational work easier and enjoyable.


What does the Developer Experience team do?


The Developer Experience (DX) team has a support role for everyday operations at Auth0. It helps scale business by working closely with all other engineering teams to understand their development needs. We look for creative and innovative solutions to help teams develop and ship code in better ways. We look for the latest trends in tools and other practices to provide guidance to Engineering teams.


In order to support other groups, the DX team aims to:


Grow our ChatOps platform capabilities for the entire company. Bots everywhere!

Improve our development tools stack to make development easier (e.g. right now we are Dockerizing all the things).

Create and maintain OSS libraries used in our core product (such as auth0-instrumentation or disyuntor).

Research, investigate and build prototypes using new technologies.

Develop internal applications such as:

- Our custom status page

- A tool that allows our support team to perform routine operations on customers' data

- A tool that is used to aggregate information about changes to production code used for auditing


Support development teams to understand what information they need to accelerate processes or design solutions.

Create and update tools used in the build and release pipeline. These tools are used to gather metrics and perform custom checks (linting, code coverage, etc) among other things.

Collaborate with fellow team members on priorities, specifications, and progress communication.

Evaluate new technologies & techniques to improve overall practices.


What will you be doing?

Evaluate new technologies & techniques to improve overall practices.

Collaborate with fellow team members on priorities, specifications, and progress.

Craft well-documented, reusable, and testable code.

Help architect and develop  complex internal products for other teams.

Collaborate with fellow engineers to build new features at large-scale.

Refine engineering practices, standards, and tooling.


You'd be a good fit if you...

Have excellent communication and collaboration skills.

Are a fast learner and have strong research skills.

Are autonomous and have a continuous improvement mindset.

Pay attention to detail and keep user experience a top priority.

Are a pragmatic problem solver.



Today we use node.js for most of our code, so familiarity with it (or JavaScript) is a plus.

Infrastructure and/or distributed architecture knowledge are also pluses.