Product Manager at
United States of America
I’m looking for a Product Manager to join our team and help us ship great features that our customers love in a predictable way. As we’ve grown, so has the onslaught of insightful information from every corner of the company: customer requests, usage analytics, technical support, sales deals, competitors, and our own business strategy. We’ve got big aspirations, so we’re hiring to scale our capacity to synthesize and prioritize all that input into features that help achieve our vision.

The work you do here will raise the bar for the everyday communications we all receive. It drives us crazy when we get useless emails and notifications that feel like spam from companies we admire. Despite how poorly some companies communicate, we don’t think marketers are bad people. In fact, we believe most of them care about their customers, want to do the right thing, and simply don’t have the capabilities to do better. At we’re on a mission to give our customers the superpower of sending and tracking great email, SMSes and push notifications.

Our customers are marketers, growth hackers, and engineers who are always dreaming up fresh ideas for how to be genuine and personal in their messages to customers. Unlike typical marketing platforms, we help businesses send relevant messages based on what people do or don’t do when logged in to a web or mobile app.

What will you be doing?
Analyzing tons of feedback from a variety of sources and identifying underlying user problems
Pitching solutions to those user problems in close collaboration with designers and engineers
Driving those solutions to production while keeping scope in check and validating progress with customers
Partnering with marketing, sales, and support to implement anything needed (docs, blogs, presentations, etc) to ensure customers get value from features we ship
Defining success metrics for features, reporting results after shipping, and proposing future iterations
You’ll join a team of 3, including:
Brian, our Director of Product, to define a roadmap that balances customer problems, our strengths, and our market position. As a small team, together you’ll have the opportunity to define the way you’ve always wanted a product process to work.
Ivana, our UI/UX designer, alongside a second designer we’re in the process of hiring.
An engineering team who is passionate about the product. They’ll help you get the details right and make sure it’s going to scale flawlessly!
Partners in data, marketing, sales, and customer support. We’re a tight-knit company where you’ll get a stream of customer insight and have the opportunity to holistically shape the way the product is experienced.
What will you bring to the table?
You’re an exceptionally organized and motivated person. You know how the software development process actually works and help everyone around you keep focused on and excited about the end goal.

Your north star is that moment when a person hires your feature for their job to be done. Thousands of little things had to go right to produce that moment. To some it feels miraculous that everything lined up, but you know it’s no accident.

You’re hungry to learn, and you love to ask “Why?” one more time. Whether it’s uncovering the true motivation of a customer or the root cause of a disagreement about priorities, you’re always curious and seeking to identify the piece that completes the puzzle.

You’re scrappy and self-directed when it comes to problem-solving and working on multiple projects at once. You’re looking to work with a startup where you’ll be responsible for the impact you make and have a lot of freedom. Working with folks in different timezones will be standard issue for you around here, so being able to stay determined, even when the answers aren’t in front of you, is essential.

You are a proactive communicator. You strive to be articulate and empathetic in your interactions and believe in “working out loud” to share work early and helpfully. You’re an excellent written communicator who values clarity and brevity while avoiding jargon.

Bonus! Not a requirement, but shout about it if you have experience with...

Marketing Technology and/or SaaS Companies
Acting as a Producer or Project Manager