Professional Services Project and Onboarding Manager at Auth0
Sydney, AU
Project and Onboarding Manager role: Coordinates execution of the different Engagements with customers: Professional Services engagements, initial PSaaS onboarding process and Managed Services PSaaS activities

Project manage and coordinate new appliance customer implementation (working as a conduit between customer and internal implementation resources). May include:
Working with customer to be accountable to completing pre-implementation requirements.
Communicate process workflow updates and set clear expectations on milestone dates with customers and internal stakeholders.
Tracking key implementation milestones, escalating to customers/internal stakeholders when not achieved.
Coordinating meetings between customer, and internal resources to progress the appliance implementation.
Coordinate trainings, and other key knowledge transfer sessions with customer.
Educate customer on key processes, such as: issue escalation, updates, troubleshooting procedures.
Ensuring internal documentation and data captured correctly in internal systems.
Handling customer escalations during project.
Contribute to building and improving processes to increase customer Appliance project efficiency & capacity.

Create or contribute to internal onboarding “playbooks” for internal team members.

Create or contribute to customer facing onboarding content, forms and documentation that adds value to the end customer experience and drives efficiency & capacity.