Product Designer at Auth0
United States of America
Our goal at Auth0 is to make developer’s lives easier. Our biggest challenge is understanding problems from the developer’s perspective and crafting beautiful end to end experiences that help developers focus on coding rather worrying about identity management or authentication.
As a Product Designer, you are comfortable working across different media types, you like trying out different concepts and working in cross-disciplinary teams, you think style exists to support ideas and you’re constantly learning new skills. You have strong opinions on design and it shows on your work. You want to see your concept go live without a lot of hand-holding.
Daily activities of the Product Designer include:

Improving user experience and design on existing products like the Auth0 Dashboard.
Working on tools like API Explorer to make our platform easier to integrate for developers.
Improving navigation and information design on our documentation site, interactive tutorials and quickstarts.
Working on prototypes for new features or products within the Auth0 ecosystem, such as:
You’d be a good fit if:

You have experience creating and maintaining products with real-world users:
You are comfortable with some HTML and CSS.
Your visual design is strong and opinionated.
You should include these in your application:

Work that you’re proud of.
If available, a link to your Dribbble profile or your portfolio.