Infrastructure Engineer at Auth0
United States of America
For many companies, Auth0 is a core part of their application infrastructure. Our goal every day is to ensure we’re shipping Developer Joy, and one of the most important ways we internalize this is ensure we provide to a service that is highly available for our cloud-based customers.

Auth0 is looking for Infrastructure Engineers to help ensure that our services stay up and running while continuing to rapidly ship software that our customers love. An Infrastructure Engineer is a specialist in creating, deploying and running infrastructure and have a great knowledge of networking, the linux kernel and systems scaling.

We are looking for people that have a passion for building robust infrastructure components that others can reuse and have a track record of working with infrastructure at world scale.
You will

Manage our infrastructure and provide alerting for teams to detect common problems
Develop and configure a fault tolerant set of CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) to be used by other teams serving content
Design and develop the backup and restore procedures for storage services
Collaborate with development teams to introduce and test updated infrastructure components to be delivered as a service
Respond to on-call pages caused by failures related to the infrastructure services they own
You might be a good fit for this role if you

Have in-depth knowledge of Linux internals
Have Salt experience (preferred, but not required if familiar with a complimentary tool)
Have Python scripting expertise (our preferred language for scripts)
Have excellent communication and collaboration skills
You can learn more about our hiring process here.

Auth0 is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Auth0 conducts all employment-related activities without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, citizenship status, genetics, or status as a Vietnam-era special disabled and other covered veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.