Onboarding Specialist at Customer.io
United States of America / Portland, OR, US
At Customer.io our mission is to help business talk like people. Today over 1000 internet businesses use Customer.io to manage, send, and track performance of email, SMSes and push notifications. Unlike typical marketing platforms, customer.io helps business increase relevance by using behavior data: what people do or don’t do when logged in to a web or mobile app. You can read more on our careers page.

A day in the life of an Onboarding Specialist

You can live wherever you want to be in the USA (including our office in Portland, OR) but you’ll primarily be working Eastern time zone hours.

Day to day, you'll be working with Justin, Jesse & Mitchell from our customer-facing team. You will drive conversations with potential and newly converted customers, to clearly understand how Customer.io can assist them in achieving their goals, and providing expert guidance in helping them get started with the necessary steps needed to be successful. You’ll shine at being empathetic in all conversations, and clearly articulate Customer.io’s value proposition to new signups. You can think of this role as an expert advisor or concierge to help people become initially successful in the product. This is a role on our sales team. You must be comfortable and experienced working with and talking to engineers, product teams, marketers, and C-level executives. Your goals are to understand the needs of each customer (determine their fit for Customer.io), help them find the shortest path to success, and to turn them into a long-term paid customer.

Your responsibilities will include:

Hold initial conversations to understand if we are going to be a good fit for each other.
Act as the point of contact for prospective customers as they try out Customer.io - to answer questions and ensure they are comfortable moving forward
Gather information about a prospective customer's product, making a recommendation on how to integrate, and offering tips and information on what messages to send.
Perform instructional demos to show people how Customer.io works
Speak intelligently about technical things, like APIs & their documentation, JSON, HTML, Javascript.
Understand data, testing, and more to ensure that your advice can help new team’s meet and exceed their goals
Work with Jesse to understand your objectives monthly and quarterly - and work to meet and exceed them
Host and co-host webinars about a specific topic or Customer.io in general
On a given day, you might end up teaching marketers about running A/B tests and creating rules for sending emails. You might also end up advising developers on how best to structure the data they are sending in to Customer.io. Then you could finish off by demoing the product and talking about how someone can best get value out of what Customer.io provides.

Ultimately the goal of this job is to help more people become happy, paying customers of the service.

About You:

You've been working in the tech industry and around tech for 3+ years.
You can think logically and analytically. Customer.io is all about rules and you need to be able to understand and define them!
You're empathetic and can relate to other people and their challenges.
If you see something that is broken, you'll fix it rather than assuming someone else will.
You can communicate complex ideas simply.
You get joy from helping other people be successful.
You are comfortable negotiating with executives.
You have ample experience and are comfortable talking on the phone with a variety of roles, e.g. engineers, marketers, c-level executives
You're well organized and don't get overwhelmed when you are juggling a lot of things.
When you believe in a product, you can convince other people to buy it too.
You are able to influence others through direct, clear, yet persuasive communication

Why should you work with Customer.io?

Work at our head office in Portland, OR or anywhere in the United States you want. We want to enable you to do your best work, and this is how we aim to do that—

Competitive salary - We’re offering $60,000 USD for this position in the company.

Equity - You'll own a piece of the company. It's not a get-rich-quick deal, but if you stay around for a while, we're planning to be a long-lasting company and your piece of it may be a nice bonus.

Big Impact - Our team is small, but growing quickly. The work you do will materially impact how successful we are as a company.

Great Tools - Everyone in the company has a budget for a computer, a motorized standing desk, Steelcase Leap office chair, external monitor, and anything else you'd like to get your job done.

Health Benefits - We pay 100% of your premiums for medical, dental and vision.

Paid Parental & Medical Leave - including adoption

Retreats - We get our whole company together once a year. We've had retreats in Reyjavik, Barcelona, Romania, and Hunter Mountain, NY.

Vacation - Rest and recuperation is important. We offer unlimited paid time off with a 2-week minimum per year.