Technical Writer at Auth0
Are you a developer who is always trying to learn new things? Every time a new technology or framework is released, do you try it out and build an open-source repository on GitHub with the code sample? If this sounds like you, we’d love for you to work with us!

We are looking for writers to join our renowned team and continue taking our blog to EPIC places! We want people who will help us write amazing blog articles and other types of technical content. You'll be able to write about exciting, popular, and emerging technologies (e.g., Angular, React, Passwordless, etc.).

Your responsibilities will be:

Research the latest technologies and stay on top of everything that's new.
Write blog posts that will be helpful to thousands of people.
Write user documentation, tutorials, landing pages, ebooks, and more to help people use Auth0.
Edit, clarify, and proofread documents written by others, and mentor non-writers on ways to improve their writing skills.
What we need from you:

Experience as a software developer.
Demonstrable experience writing blog posts or documentation. If you publish articles in your own blog, this is a great example.
Excellent skills in writing or translating complex technical and business subjects to a variety of audiences.
Ability to be self-directed and effective working independently, yet equally comfortable contributing and communicating in a global team environment.
Ability to estimate and scope documentation assignments.
Fluency in written US English.
Bonus Points

You have open-source work such as GitHub projects you can share.
You write your own technical blog.
Extra consideration if you can demonstrate your skills by rewriting one of our docs. Send us a pull request!