Product Designer at Auth0
Buenos Aires, AR
Product Designers are responsible for making Auth0's product stand out as easy to use, polished, and well thought out. Their role is to help define opportunities for simplifying and improving the user's experience and translating customer feedback and data insights into concrete iterations of the product.

As a Product Designer you're confortable filling any of many given roles:

Research: Define which goals are to be achieved with each design or product and investigate where are the main problems or concerns to be addressed on every iteration.

Design: Design user experience flows using blueprints and producing graphical user interfaces for Auth0's products and features

Prototype: When possible, create hi-fi prototypes of features in any available tool (code, prototyping framkeworks), test usability, and sync up with involved engineers to validate implementation details.

Iterate: Based on gathered data and user feedback, find ways to improve on initial designs to help users reach their goals more efficiently.

Daily activities of the Product Designer include:

Identifying opportunities to improve Auth0's product by adding value with design.
Proposing changes to user experience and presenting blueprints or early drafts of improvements/redesigns to involved stakeholders
Working on features and/or defining flows for Auth0's widgets (ie. Lock)
Shaping Auth0's onboarding experience and improving user engagement in the dashboard
Prioritising and weighing in with developers on user experience decisions.
Working on improvements or redesigns of Auth0's dashboard views
Improving presentation and user experience of Auth0's documentation
Working on prototypes with the front-end team and UI developers