Developer Experience Engineer (PHP) at Auth0
At Auth0, we exist because we solve a problem that every developer faces. We believe that developers should spend their time innovating instead of writing identity systems. For that to happen, we are building the best identity platform focusing on two principles: simplicity and power. Our ultimate goal is to make the internet safer and we’re looking for people to join us on the journey.

We are looking for an engineer to join our Developer Experience team. Our team focuses on creating the best possible platform adoption experience for our customers. We measure everything and we improve things based on user testing and data. Some of the work we do involves:

Lock, our open source Login widget.
Our WordPress plugin used by thousands of people.
Our Auth0 SDKs for multiple platforms, like PHP or JavaScript.
Our Quickstarts.
You will...

Care deeply about the experience developers have with Auth0.
Design, build, and maintain plugins, SDKs and Quickstarts, focusing on the PHP platform.
Work full-time in open source projects.
Keep up to date with the latest trends in the PHP ecosystem, engaging with the community.
Write code that will be part of our customer’s production code.
Interact with other teams (like Dev Advocates and Support) to understand how devs are using us.
You might be a good fit for this role if you:

Have extensive experience working with PHP.
Have experience writing plugins for Wordpress or other PHP-based CMSs.
Have familiarity with GitHub and experience in collaborating in open source projects.
Have experience working in a remote-first organization.