Developer Evangelist at Auth0
Position Summary:

Your job is to build awareness and adoption of the Auth0 Platform to developers worldwide. Our Developer Relations team breaks this down in a strategy of three C’s (Code, Content & Community).

Code: Create useful sample applications that help developers put Auth0 into service immediately.

Content: Create tutorials, learn pages & online videos documenting your applications and other technologies that will help developers grow.

Community: Speak at User Groups, meetups and conferences. Mentor developers at Startups and Accelerators. Also lead our Ambassador program, a group of Auth0 fans and users worldwide who want to learn more about evangelism.

About You:

You get satisfaction and find it rewarding in showing developers solutions to problems. You consider yourself Entrepreneurial and can work autonomously.


Build leadership skills by managing our Ambassador program.
Create production ready sample Auth0 Applications in multiple languages to get developers excited about Auth0.
Write Tutorials walking developers through your applications.
Contribute to Open Source tools that help the developer community.
Attend and Speak at Meetups, Conferences and other Developer Centric Events to become a thought leader in your community.
Create videos and take advantage of other digital channels such as Twitch TV to educate and engage developers.
Work with Developers at Startups and Accelerators in showcasing and integrating Auth0.
Help with Developer Experience, specifically improving the onboarding experience for developers.

You get satisfaction from bringing diverse groups of people together with patience and empathy.
You have 5+ years experience as a software engineer, preferably within enterprise.
You’re looking to grow both professionally and personally. The Developer relations team at Auth0 wants to see you succeed and become your best self.
You love to travel, see new places, and meet new people.