Live Content Producer at Brandlive
San Francisco, CA, US
Brandlive, a top-tier Brand and Retailer platform for producing and hosting interactive live video events, is looking for a live content producer in the Bay Area. This role will primarily work with one of our top brands to create live video, audio and streaming content. The ideal candidate has a wide variety of production skills - video, sound, lighting, technical production, and troubleshooting - and experience producing high-quality, multi-camera live video content. Great Brandlive producers also have an understanding of brand and retail product training, marketing and e-commerce.

Key Skills
Camera: Multiple years' experience producing live video content as a technical director and/or camera operator. Competence with various types of video cameras and settings such as focus, white balance, aperture, framing and composition. Strong knowledge of how to use a video production switcher to mix audio and video signals for a live event. The ability to produce clean and compelling visuals are a key component of this position.
Audio: Strong experience setting up wireless lavalier and handheld microphones, and understanding of audio signal flow. Audio and video quality go hand-in-hand when creating a successful Brandlive experience.
Lighting: Understanding of color temperatures, and comfort working with both natural and artificial light sources. Most Brandlive events require basic 2- or 3-point lighting, and the ability to manipulate available light sources if needed is important.
Computer technical skills: Knowledge of Apple systems such as a MacBook Pro or Mac Pro running Wirecast live streaming software. Competence with presentation software such as Keynote and Powerpoint.
Troubleshooting skills: The ideal candidate must be able to demonstrate skill in troubleshooting audio, video, and internet issues in a live environment where timing is critical. Even when you plan ahead, you can run into unexpected problems. Being able to remain calm while troubleshooting stressful situations is highly important. The customer relies on your professional expertise; you must be able to communicate clearly with them as you navigate technical hurdles.
Brandlive Platform: Quickly learn to use and explain the features of the Brandlive platform to customers.
Personality: You must be personable, patient, organized, and solution-oriented. Strong communication skills - both written and verbal - are key. You will often be working with customers and on-screen product presenters that are not "talent", so you need to help them feel at ease with the live video experience.
Editing (not required): Ability to use video editing software to edit and export videos for customers as needed.
Why join the brandlive team?
Contribute in a meaningful way to a post Series A start-up on the rise. Work with a wide variety of clients from athletic & outdoor, consumer products and advertising agencies. Be an active participant in Portland's vibrant tech startup scene. Opportunity to attend industry events and conferences.