Senior Software Engineer - Java at Cloudability
Portland, OR, US / Boulder, CO, US
Cloudability is a cloud-focused startup changing the way companies measure, monitor, and optimize their use of public cloud. With offices in Portland, OR and Boulder, CO, we are a growing team that works closely together. We move fast, and we enjoy what we do. Thousands of companies across the globe use our platform to manage some of the largest cloud deployments in the world.

Our engineers are passionate about technology. We thrive when solving intense technical challenges. Our Data Transformation team focuses on performing complex transforms to low level customer data. As a Senior Software Engineer you will be responsible for maintaining data integrity, managing product requirements, and working closely with other engineering teams who depend on your work. We are looking for a creative, results-driven developer who is excited about using data to solve difficult problems. Join us. Build something big with us.

What you’ll do (Responsibilities):

Build data transformation features driven by complex, iterative customer defined rule sets

Build a flexible, short term execution environment for data transform functions

Design and implement automation and monitoring tools to ensure auditability and reliability in the data transformation pipeline

Develop customer facing API’s for all features you ship

The right candidate will have (Requirements):

Strong fundamentals writing Java systems that support mission critical systems relied upon by customers 24 hours a day

Excellent understanding of metrics, monitoring and alerting as they relate to the code you create and the creation of reliable systems

Experience working with distributed databases and familiarity tuning and optimizing them

Commitment to software excellence in all things you produce

Ability to balance best practices in distributed systems design and computer science with fast paced delivery schedules

Bonus Stuff:

Experience with parallel, stateless processing architectures such as AWS Lambda

Understanding of the Apache Beam/Dataflow model and experience with streaming systems

Comfortable with container and serverless technologies and their use in production systems

Production level experience with container orchestration solutions like ECS, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, or Mesosphere.

Understanding of data modeling across numerous types of storage engines including column-oriented stores, DynamoDB and RDBMS