Director of Teaching and Learning at Lumen Learning
*Eastern US, US
The director of teaching and learning leads the process to ensure highly effective OER implementations in Lumen’s customer community. Once faculty members understand and evaluate Lumen’s OER materials, they begin a process to customize and adopt the materials in ways that support effective teaching and learning. This position ensures that the implementation process is easy, effective and inspiring. The position works closely with the director of professional development to align training and implementation processes across all Lumen client institutions.

Organization Alignment

The position reports to the COO
Leads the process to improve the creation delivery of implementation services
Delivers training workshop with leadership from the director of professional development
Closely coordinates with the customer success and product teams to continually improve products and services
Position Objective

Ensure that faculty members use Lumen resources in an effective manner that results in improved teaching and learning

Key Responsibilities

Create Effective Implementation Processes and Materials

Define implementation needs to support the success of Lumen’s customer institutions
Develop tools and materials for delivery to customers that ensure that each implementation results in faculty members who are confident and well-prepared to teach effectively
Evaluate student and faculty usage data that identified shortcomings in the implementation process, or ineffective uses of the Lumen materials
Continually improve the implementation approach and tools
Manage projects that support preparation of implementation materials
Define and prioritize product enhancements that will make faculty members more effective, and that will ease the implementation process and increase faculty joy
Actively participate in tracking and monitoring implementation progress to better identify and address best practices and trouble spots
Deliver Training

Work with the regional account managers in the Eastern US to identify training needs
Lead and participate in training sessions in the Eastern region
Collaborate with the director of professional development improve the training process, and to integrate best practices in implementation into the training process
Provide Expert Support for Implementations

Provide tier 3 support for faculty implementations where issues have not been successfully resolved by the customer success team
Identify new product features and practices required to prevent future issues
Regional Leadership

Collaborate with the account managers in the Eastern regions increase the success of customers
Build strong, supportive relationships with customers across the region that support the sharing of effective practices
Participate in regional conferences and events
Personal leadership

Contribute to Lumen’s success in achieving the company’s mission
Personify the company values of passion, creativity, generosity, humility, openness, reliability and success
Make the company a more successful, effective and inclusive organization as a result of your presence
Position Metrics

Customer satisfaction through implementation
Student success in Lumen courses as influenced by effective implementation practices
Adoption of Lumen’s open courseware at customer institutions in the Eastern region
This position will work with Lumen customers in the Eastern United States.

The position requires travel to customer sites up to 50% of the time, and a quarterly visit to the company office in Portland, Oregon.