Security and Operations Engineer at Cloudability
Portland, OR, US
Cloudability is seeking a Security and Operations Engineer to join our operations team. The ideal candidate will have a strong technical background and familiarity with AWS, administering modern web applications, administering big data stacks, and be willing to learn the latest practices in operations engineering. We honor hard work and dedication but we have no room for heros. Our team works together to ensure our applications perform well, are cost effective, and remain secure. We need you to help us continue to grow.

What you’ll do (Responsibilities):

Handle multiple projects, reliably meet deadlines, and deliver functional, well documented results.

Work as a partner with our engineering teams to implement operations best practices and ensure a scalable, cost effective, secure infrastructure.

Triage and reproduce vulnerability reports. Work with feature teams to resolve issues expediently.

Develop new security processes and ensure compliance.


A strong operational background familiar with systems automation using software like Puppet or Chef

Familiarity with AWS, especially infrastructure management products such as autoscaling groups and cloud formation templates

Experience running security programs in SaaS companies including vulnerability management, orchestration of 3rd party penetration tests and management of independent researcher programs like HackerOne

Experience with accreditation programs like SOC-2 or ISO-27001

Passion for operations, automation, and leaving our infrastructure better than you found it.

Regard for cost management in cloud services, it’s the core of our business and is essential in a modern startup.

Experience with EC2, RDS, and IAM. We can teach you the rest.

Capable of participating in technical conversations and decisions as well as documenting the results.

Ideal Traits

Deep experience with AWS Services, especially, EC2, ELB/ALB, ECS, Lambda, S3, CloudFront, RDS, CloudFormation, IAM, WAF, Kinesis, and DynamoDB.

Strong configuration management experience, puppet, chef, or salt stack. Lambda management, Bash scripting, and AMI Baking.

Network Administration with a focus on DNS Availability, VPC Management, and VPN Administration.

Experience with administration of software through data collection and forensics. We strive to be proactive managing our applications and understand the changes we introduce.