Developer Success Engineer at Auth0
Buenos Aires, AR / Europe / Asia Pacific Region
Auth0 gets a lot of praise from developers because we provide a zero-friction, infinitely extensible, enterprise-grade cloud solution that makes identity easy. We not only push ourselves to deliver an incredible user experience - we love to ship developer joy!

Auth0 Customer Success team's mission is to do everything needed to make a customer successful with our products, in all stages of their relationship with us: evaluation, adoption, and use. As a Developer Success Engineer, you will play a key role in delivering a seamless experience to developers around the world exploring and consuming our product. Not only will you help them integrate Auth0 into their solutions, but you will also be shaping how Auth0 is perceived by the developer community.
Your Responsibilities

Interact with developers around the world to help them integrate Auth0 into their products and solve technical issues they run into, through different channels such as email, forums, IRC, and conference calls
Provide feedback to the engineering teams on how to improve our product and customer experience
Track, triage and follow up on customer support requests throughout their life-cycle
Measure and communicate to the company the progress of the support team
Improve the product documentation to increase user adoption
Build proof of concept and sample applications
Innovate on how support is provided and conceived. Bring innovative, state-of-the-art ideas to optimize our tools, support model, etc. and ultimately, our users’ experience
Mentor new team members
We are looking for people who

Are self-motivated, quick learners, fast researchers, and hungry to improve their technical skills
Love to code and solve technical issues in unknown code, varying in complexity and technology. Are good at empathizing with developers and have experience with troubleshooting environments
Have excellent written and verbal communication skills (English) and are passionate about talking to customers
Enjoy writing and teaching, are capable of explaining complex concepts in easy-to-understand language
Have experience and are comfortable with a remote working environment
Love to contribute to the open source community
Ideally have Javascript and Node.JS knowledge
Bonus Attributes

BA/BS in Computer Science
Fluent communication in languages other than English and Spanish
Knowledge of Auth0 products, other languages, frameworks, and mobile platforms
We need to provide support in different time zones and ideally, in languages other than English as well. This is a great position to work from your home, and that will be the expectation if you are in an European or Asia/Pacific time zone. If you are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, you will have the chance to work in our offices located in Palermo side by side with the Engineering teams.