iOS Engineer at Auth0
United States of America
Auth0 ships developer joy. We provide a zero-friction, infinitely extensible, enterprise-grade cloud solution that makes identity easy through an incredible user experience.
We believe in crafted software, end-to-end ownership of projects, and launching things as early as we can, aiming to iterate and fail fast. We want to ensure that we're building what users actually want.

We are looking for an experienced iOS engineer to join our existing mobile team and help us streamline the Auth0 experience for mobile developers.

Applications: Work on the iOS application that we are currently developing. Can't tell what it is yet, it is confidential!
Framework: Develop our iOS framework that allows users to authenticate using Auth0.
Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot and fix issues with our iOS libraries.
Mentoring: Everyone has their own strengths and things they need to improve on. Everyone on our team is both a teacher and student every day

You have a good understanding of the iOS operating system
You have created iOS applications that have seen the light of day in either ObjectiveC or Swift
You are able to work in a team environment, have good communication skills and understand the value of collaboration

Bonus points if

You have created iOS libraries or SDKs to be consumed by other developers
You have Android development experience