Pre-Sales Engineer at Auth0
Buenos Aires, AR / Seattle, WA, US
Auth0 continues to grow and so does the volume and complexity of the needs of our prospective customers. Security and identity management are now core concerns of every business. As a result we are building a dedicated pre-sales engineering team that will be the primary technical resource for all of our sales executives. We will help engage the prospect where they have the greatest need and then fill that need through education and guidance to the best solution.
Core responsibilities

Craft and deliver presentations/demos and technical Q&A sessions to prospective customers, usually remote, but in person if needed
Communicate those sessions to a variety of audiences, primarily software developers and architects, but also to IT professionals and executives
Empathize with customers and quickly discern their true technical needs by asking detailed and clarifying questions and presenting solutions that target those needs
Execute the delivery of PoCs for customers that have more complex use cases, collaborating with other Auth0 engineering teams as needed
Maintain a broad and deep technical understanding of the Auth0 product line and the underlying technologies and protocols, demoing new and beta features to customers when relevant
Educate Auth0 sales teams through workshops and development of internal and external training resources
What we need from you

A love for our primary customer profile: the software developer and architect
A passion to serve the customer, which has played out in some customer-facing role like consulting or support, ideally sales engineering
An ability to quickly communicate complex ideas around a technical topic, ideally on the fly at a whiteboard
A desire to engage with the larger community by contributing to open source projects or participating in local events
Experience with at least one standard network security protocol (eg. OAuth, OAuth2, SAML, LDAP)
An understanding of core security concerns within a typical application (password hashing, SSL/TLS, encryption at rest, XSS, XSRF)
Solid experience with HTTP, with both HTML apps as well as REST services. This includes the ability to use the dev tools in a browser to explain HTTP traffic and an HTTP client (like curl or Postman) to interact with an HTTP service
Experience with at least two programming languages, one of them being JavaScript, ideally the other a statically-typed language
Experience with at least two backend stacks (eg. .NET, Java)
Experience with a popular frontend stack (eg. Angular)
Experience with at least two database storage engines (eg. SQL Server, Oracle), ideally one of them No-SQL
Experience building a full stack application (frontend SPA or mobile app, backend REST API, database)
Experience setting up the infrastructure required to host a full stack application (servers, load balancers, virtual environments)