Developer Evangelist at Auth0
United States of America
You're a developer who is always trying to learn new shiny things. You also love to share whatever you've learned with all of your friends. Every time there's a new technology or framework, you always try it out and create an open source repository on GitHub with some code samples. This is the job for you!
You'll get to go to the best conferences in the world, speak to thousands of people andthrow T-shirts at the audience.
We want you to help us share our excitement with the world about learning all new things related to APIs, JSON Web Tokens, authentication, security, SPAs and much more!
Your responsibilities will be:

Research the latest technologies and stay on top of everything that's new.
Go to the best conferences in the world and give talks about APIs, JWTs, authentication, security, SPAs and more
Talk to developers on Stack Overflow, Quora, GitHub and other social networks
Create exciting open source libraries and tools like

What we need from you:

Experience as a software developer
Desire to help people succeed
Experience presenting in conferences / meetups