Lead UI/UX Developer at 4-Tell
Oregon, US
You will work closely with UI/UX designers and other members of our development team to create stunning visualizations of the data insights our system produces. You will implement the UI/UX experience in our Dashboard, and extend many of these capabilities as plugins for third-party back office tools such as LiveChat, Salesforce, NetSuite, and others.

Key Responsibilities
Research and choose the technology stack(s) necessary to implement our UI/UX vision
Keep up-to-date on emerging design and technology trends and work with UI/UX designers to exceed our customers’ expectations
Work with our development team to learn our back-end APIs and define new interfaces when needed
Integrate the third-party APIs needed such as Google Analytics to pull required data
Implement the UI/UX design for our Dashboard using JavaScript, HTML5, and additional UI tools
Implement new UI/UX experiences for customer service and sales reps in the back office and integrate them with third-party tools
Work on groundbreaking UI/UX experiences in online and physical retail
Experience and Skills
5+ years of developing code to implement UI/UX design, with experience in JavaScript, jQuery, HTML and CSS along with knowledge of emerging standards like HTML5, SVG, SCSS, and others.
A person who likes to solve problems with good written communication and patience
Self-motivated and results focused