Engineer at Auth0
United States of America
We believe in crafted software, in end-to-end ownership of projects and hyper-fast iterations.

Our (current) stack is node.js, mongodb, ElasticSearch, CoreOS, Docker, Puppet and the service runs in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud in multiple regions. We've built our own CDN because most of them had downtime which was not acceptable to us. We also built our own code sandboxing mechanism which we then spinned off as a new product (

We like to write about things we solve and how.

We like to contribute back to the community, often by building things we think are cool and by releasing open-source software (passportjs, limitd, sharelock, JWT).

We launch anything we do as early as we can. We want to ensure that we're building what users actually want.

And we are just starting, there are tons of things on our roadmap that you could help us with.

As an engineer you can join any of these teams.

Core: core infrastructure (API, runtime)
Native: SDKs for native devices integration (iOS,Android)
Ops: is responsible for building and running the platforms that the rest of our engineers build on top of.
webtask: webtask is a spin off product out of our sandbox that run Auth0 rules.
Tools: the internal tools team helps scale business operations by making operational work at Auth0 easier and more enjoyable