Full Stack Engineer at Amplion
Bend, OR, US
Company Description
We are a startup that develops SaaS products for the healthcare industry. The founders have deep experience in biotechnology and data analysis, and are passionate about maximizing the healthcare benefits of advances in basic research.

We are based in Bend, Oregon, a beautiful mountain town that is a year-round tourist destination. Bend was also recently ranked 16th in the nation in density of high tech startups, and Entrepreneur Magazine recently named it “The Next Big City for Entrepreneurship.” Bend has a very strong "work hard, play hard" ethic, and is a great place to raise families.
Job Description
What We’ve Built to Date

Our product, BiomarkerBase, is under evaluation or in active use at 7 of the top 10 pharmaceutical and diagnostic lab kit companies in the world. Today our customers use this product primarily as a research discovery tool — it’s a knowledge base at heart. Customers can browse the data, search & filter their results. We care about the user experience, and have tried to make the tool as straightforward and easy to use as possible.

In progress is a monitoring tool that allows our users to “watch” the molecular entities that interest them the most and then alert them to when the underlying data entities change, such as when a new clinical trial surfaces that is trying to cure that disease. It prevents them from having to watch a number of different public sources of this data and continually have to check back.

What We’re Going to Build Next

Based on our customer interviews, the most compelling feature that our customers need is the ability to collaborate over this data. Today what they do when they find a novel biomarker that might be useful in their next drug development project, is to capture the data from our database and place it into an Excel spreadsheet, for example. They will then e-mail & share that information using classical communication methods that have proven to be outdated, and as we say “single-uses” of that information.

We plan to change that.
Who We’re Looking For

You are a seasoned Ruby on Rails developer who has worked in several different environments and come to appreciate clean, well-tested code. You have advanced knowledge of the Ruby programming language and the Ruby on Rails framework. You’re comfortable getting your hands dirty with the full application and server stack.

You transcend the left-brained developer stereotype, have an eye for design, and incorporate UX understandings into the things you build. You can articulate your thoughts and feelings with the written word.


History of delivering quality, scalable Ruby on Rails applications
Self-motivated to learn and incorporate new technologies and keep up with best practices
Proficient with PostgreSQL and database design practices (query optimization is a plus)
Discipline around testing your code and expertise with RSpec
Professional or side-project experience with one or more JavaScript MVC frameworks
Production deployment using Amazon Web Services or Heroku’s Application Platform