Technical Writer at Auth0
Buenos Aires, AR / Seattle, WA, US
You're a developer that is always trying to learn new things. Every time there's a new technology or framework, you always try it out and create an open source repository on Github with the code sample. If this is you, this is the job for you!
We want people that will help us write amazing blog posts and documentation based on the latest technology. You'll be able to write on technologies like
Angular 2, React, and Passwordless.
What will be your responsibilities:

Research the latest technologies and stay on top of everything that's new
Write blog posts that will be useful for thousands of people
Write technical documentation and tutorials to help people use Auth0
Create open source samples and seed projects
What we need from you:

Experience as a software developer
Experience writing blogposts or documentation, even if it's your own blog
Desire to help people succeed
Bonus Points

You have open source work such as github projects you can share
You write your own technical blog
Extra consideration if you can demonstrate your skills by rewriting one of our docs. Send us a pull request!