Product Designer at Auth0
Buenos Aires, AR
Our goal at Auth0 is to make developer’s lives easier. The biggest challenge for us is to combine the understanding of problems from the developer’s perspective while crafting beautiful end to end user experiences. Making the API’s and concepts easy to understand. This will be your job at the design team.
We are a small, collaborative team, guided by a well defined iterative process. We start from monochrome blueprints which help us get better feedback and achieve simpler solutions in a shorter length of time.

We then move to asset creation using a mobile-first approach, which help us keep constrained.
Some of the creations we are proud of:
How it Works page
API explorer
We love shipping stuff and there is always something to ship every week.
Though we’re still a small group, there are already different kinds of designers on the team, some more adept in usability or visual design, and some more focused on prototyping and code.