Senior Software Engineer - Backend at Bumped
Portland, OR, US

We're looking for engineers to join our highly talented team as we blaze new fintech territory.

The focus of this role is to design, build, maintain, and expand our core data platform. The Bumped data platform is responsible for managing ingress, egress, normalization and storage of the data that is core to the Bumped experience.

In this role you will:

  • Collaborate with other platform team members to design, develop, test and maintain code, configuration and deployments that are essential to how data moves through our business.
  • Design new green-field systems with high-level guidance from product and engineering leadership working within the parameters of our best practices and standards.
  • Support the code that you and your team members create. Engineers are directly accountable for the code that they ship to our production system and will share time being on call with their peers and responding to incidents.
  • Mentor junior resources from diverse backgrounds as they advance through their careers.

You may be a good fit if you:

  • Have 5+ years experience programming with distributed systems or microservices
  • Possess an applied knowledge of system observability via monitoring, metrics, alerting and tracing
  • Enjoy working in a cloud-native world using AWS or GCP
  • Contribute to large code bases in Java, Kotlin or Go
  • Are proficient at TypeScript or JavaScript
  • Understand the unique traits of working on SaaS platforms held to high standards of availability, latency and throughput
  • Grasp stream processing using tools like GCP PubSub, Amazon Kinesis, Kafka, Beam or DataFlow
  • Experience with NoSQL databases like Cassandra, BigTable or DynamoDB
  • Value automated testing and deployment through CI/CD
  • Sincerely enjoy communicating and collaborating with a thriving team of engineers on a daily basis
  • Think of yourself as someone who wants to be a part of a growth stage startup
  • Take pride in creating simple, readable and maintainable code
  • Possess experience working in financial services or other regulated industries

We're not looking for someone to check all of these boxes. This is meant to be a high level guide for you to decide if the position might be a good fit. We value diverse backgrounds and lifestyles and encourage you to apply even if you don't match all the criteria above.