Vice President of Product at The Riveter
Seattle, WA, US

The Riveter is looking for an experienced executive product leader to lead our product, data and technology teams to create the best user experience for our membership base. You should have at least 10+ years of product management experience with proven results across all aspects of product strategy, management and development, starting from ideation through the creation and implementation of new features. The ideal candidate has worked at both established large and early stage digital companies, taking the best practices (and lessons learned) from both worlds while deploying, measuring and iterating at start-up speed.

This person will be based in Seattle and report to the CEO.


What You’ll Do:

  • Team management: Build and manage the Product, Tech and Design teams, stitching these key team members together seamlessly to run an innovative, well-oiled, and measured the iterative product development effort.
  • Goal oriented: Maintain team focus on company KPIs while shipping, measuring and iterating rapidly to achieve company, department and individual goals.
  • Leadership: Define, iterate on and communicate our product strategy and “selling the dream” to team members, prospective recruits, stakeholders, investors, and the Board. Remove or manage around roadblocks that slow product development down. Be a champion of the product vision and strategy throughout the company
  • Roadmaps: Align and manage our product roadmap with The Riveter’s mission and highlight the role technology can play in realizing that mission. Ensure every item on the list is measurable and solves a clearly defined problem
  • Process: Ruthlessly prioritize and innovate to move faster while minimizing inefficiencies and technical debt creation. Know when to cut corners and when not too. Time on ineffective features.
  • Technology: Work with engineers on determining critical technical decisions and their short and long term impact on the business. Have deep, relevant technical knowledge with a capacity to manage engineers, understand and articulate business impacts of choices made at every stage in every level of the tech stack.
  • Data and Analytics: Manage a comprehensive data strategy that enables stakeholders to make a data-driven decision, improve the audience experience, and grow our data-centric IP.
  • Design: UX and iterative design that increases user acquisition and ongoing use of the app & web
  • Executive Team Alignment: Collaborate and align with C-suite/other department leads to develop product roadmaps that reflect business priorities
  • Mentorship & Training: Mentor and facilitate the training of team members, helping them become better at the skills that will help grow the business as well as work toward their long term career goals. Ensure there is alignment between the two.


You're Our Ideal Teammate if You:

  • Are generally awesome at Product: Have extensive proven experience defining product strategy, prioritizing roadmaps, a strong tech industry network and references that will champion you.
  • Expert on the tech that our core business relies on: Have experience with subscription-based business models, payment systems, SaaS platforms, funnel optimization, large scale publishing platforms and distribution, video streaming platforms, big data management, and analytics
  • Have technical familiarity and extraordinary curiosity: Have experience managing teams working in tech LAMP tech stacks, iOS/Android. MEAN stack and OTT apps expertise a plus.
  • Know major social platform ecosystem nuances: Have experience with community and networking component, user-generated content (UGC), and social content marketing and distribution on key platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Data and Business Intelligence: Have an understanding of big data management and how Machine learning & AI can transform our members' experiences and personalize their features.
  • Have measured fearlessness: Are entrepreneurial and risk-oriented, with an understanding of the dynamics of small, high-growth companies and an ability to thrive in a rapidly changing environment. Also, understand that decisions at this company stage have outsized impacts over the next few critical years of growth.
  • Are a problem solver by nature: Are energized about solving complex, ambiguous problems.
  • Possess a combination of impeccable communication skills and technical competence: be able to convey complex technical concepts, impacts, and tradeoffs to non-technical partners.
  • Are comfortable operating in a start-up environment, and ideally, have seen a product through from early-stage to scale. Be comfortable wearing hats outside your role when necessary, thrive with limited resources and big goals to meet, and generally do what it takes to stuff done.
  • Emanate calmness amongst occasional chaos: Can you remain calm and good-natured under pressure?