Stack Test Engineer at Energy Storage Systems
Wilsonville, OR, US

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) is a fast-growing, clean technology company, located in

Wilsonville, OR. ESS has developed an advanced flow battery technology for

commercial, industrial, and utility applications. With a team that boasts decades of

experience in distributed power generation and energy storage technologies, ESS has

developed an extremely cost-effective energy management system that combines a

safe, abundant and non-toxic iron electrolyte with our patented flow cell design. This

combination of high performance with low cost means that ESS’s technology is ideally

suited for applications that range in size from retail energy management to utility-scale

renewables integration.

Position Profile

ESS is looking for a motivated and hard-working Stack Test Engineer to join our team.

This person is responsible for testing and validating performances of our battery stacks.

Primary Responsibilities

Plan and conduct stack testing, and monitor battery performance on a daily basis.

Analyze, summarize and report battery testing data regularly.

Perform basic troubleshooting and battery performance diagnostics.

Clean and maintain test and laboratory equipment and instruments

Engage in research and development on battery modules with R&D scientists and


Desired Skills & Experience

BS or MS in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Material Science, or related

disciplines, is required.

Knowledge of wet chemistry, electrochemistry and batteries is required.

Experience with battery or fuel cell testing is preferred.

Worked in a wet-chemistry lab and is comfortable working with chemicals

including acid and base

Comfortable working with electronics such as battery testing instruments

Strong attention to details and can work from standard operating procedures

Good interpersonal and communication skills to work effectively with a small,

dynamic team.

U.S. Citizenship or permanent residency.