Senior Full Stack Engineer (Ruby+JavaScript+*) at Lumen Learning
Portland, OR, US

You’ll be part of a small, tightly connected engineering team based in Lumen’s downtown Portland office. The team works closely with our product managers to break down our roadmap into work delivered in 2 week sprints. We’ve started doing continuous integration and delivery, and will learn from you and your experience with CI/CD. We support a couple different application stacks, and you’ll focus on our Ruby-based platform, working front-end, integration/middle-tier, and backend to deliver valuable learning features to our customers. You’ll also work to update our existing codebase to scale for the rapid growth we anticipate as demand for our innovative solutions increases.

You’ll be an essential member of the best engineering team in Portland. Your kindness, intelligence, hunger, and humility will fit in well with the team we’re building. You’ll always be conscious of how your choices affect students and instructors. You’ll love the balance of supporting existing systems and leading work on next generation learning technology.

What you’ll be responsible for

  • Implementing new learning features that improve our product offerings. We use Ruby, PHP/WordPress, and Node.js stacks, and your focus will be on Ruby as well as any next-gen technology we adopt.
  • Writing front-end code in JavaScript, and developing style elements and guidelines in concert with UI/UX designers. We leverage  Node.js, TypeScript and React, and we use Storybook as we build out UI.
  • Refactoring existing code to support new features and improve development velocity. Architecting new features to integrate with the existing platform.
  • Experimenting with new technologies and processes that better enable us to deliver research-driven learning features to our students and instructors.
  • Assisting with the building and ongoing support of our cloud-based infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines (AWS and TravisCI today)
  • Contributing to Lumen’s evolving product development practices , participating in learning and knowledge sharing as part of a curious and developing team.
  • Working in Lumen’s downtown Portland office, with some opportunity to work remotely. Occasional travel may be required (1-2 times per year)

About you

You are excited to grow with our team! You recognize that we have some challenges scaling our existing code base, and building new features on our legacy platform, and that inspires your curiosity. You’re excited to dive in to old code as well as to discover opportunities where incorporating new technology will make our learning technology better. You love to work cooperatively with other engineers and the product team, and recognize that a well-functioning team is greater than the sum of its parts.

  • You have built production systems using Ruby and like working with Rails. Ruby could well be your favorite programming language. You’re fluent in Ruby but other languages inspire curiosity as well.
  • You can write useful JavaScript and are interested in and perhaps experienced with React, Node.js, and TypeScript. If you’re a big JavaScript fan, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to indulge your passion.
  • You’re familiar with developing for and deploying to the cloud, especially AWS environments. You’ve worked cooperatively using Github and CI/CD pipelines.
  • You are comfortable authoring and manipulating CSS. You are excited to design for accessibility, and may have approaches in mind for incorporating accessibility up front, rather than modifying for it later.
  • You take responsibility for the quality of your code and the code of your teammates. You write test cases and participate in code reviews. You know that we all take responsibility for supporting our codebase, so you do what you can to make that codebase better for all.
  • You enjoy working with legacy codebases, and take pride in squashing bugs, improving performance, and refactoring old code to support new features.
  • You are especially excited to work on projects that impact all learners. You love to feel like your work is making a difference in the world.
  • You want to learn new technologies. You love sharing what you learn. You’re not afraid to experiment, because you know how to scaffold experiments, evaluate their success, and roll back when necessary.

If you have some of these too we’ll be delighted

  • Experience with PHP and WordPress development
  • Familiarity with security concepts and development, such as OAuth 2.0.
  • Experience designing and developing software as an API
  • Visual design skills and experience. If you’ve got a design portfolio, please submit it with your application.

To apply, send your cover letter and resume.