VP of Engineering at Lumen Learning
Portland, OR, US

About Lumen

Lumen’s company mission is to dramatically and measurably improve success of all students, with an emphasis on disadvantaged students. Our lofty vision is to serve 10 million students by 2018 creating:

  • An improved teaching and learning experience for 10 million students
  • $1 billion in textbook savings that can be returned to students
  • 100,000 more students successfully completing courses

Lumen is a small company that is growing rapidly. We are doing something that has not been done before. Each position requires an individual who can assess the needs of customers, the education community, and other Lumen team members and develop new approaches and solutions that move the company forward in its goals. This requires creativity, discipline, teamwork and immense flexibility.

The Position: Vice President of Engineering

The VP of Engineering is the senior technical leader in the company, responsible for defining and executing the software development strategy that supports the business goals. This includes working as a member of the senior product team to understand the business strategy, and create and execute a software roadmap delivers the business and market requirements.

Lumen’s courseware product is complex in that it brings together content and technology with research-based learning design.  A successful software development strategy continuously improves the functionality of Lumen’s product while also facilitating the continuous delivery of improved learning experiences for students.

The primary metrics for the position include:

  1. Delivery to plan of software infrastructure and feature enhancements
  2. Number and resolution time of customer issues tied to platform issues, including system uptime
  3. Pace of improvements, as measured by new features and infrastructure improvements per period
  4. Active and collaborative contribution to a successful product strategy
  5. Effective management of the software development team members, as measured by retention, employee satisfaction and team results

Organization Alignment

  • Reports to the CEO and participates as a member of the product leadership team
  • Leads the software development function

Key Responsibilities

Build, manage and lead the team

  • Hire team members who are highly effective and who support Lumen’s mission and values
  • Manage team personnel’s performance to create the greatest contribution to company goals
  • Provide mentoring and coaching to team members to support them to achieve their potential
  • Model and support teamwork and collaboration within the product organization, across the Lumen team, and with our customer community

Continuously deliver customer value

  • Create a predictable process that continuously delivers improvements and new features
  • Establish an internal cadence that drives progress toward Lumen’s vision and aligns the product development team around shared goals
  • Build a process that ensures the quality of delivered work and reviews software defects to identify opportunities for process improvement
  • Create a process ensuring that customer-reported issues are triaged, communicated, and resolved in a timely manner while identifying opportunities for product improvement

Technical leadership

  • Develop a high-level technical strategy that aligns with Lumen’s mission and vision
  • Demonstrate a bias for action, driving the team to prove out new ideas and make early progress toward long-term goals
  • Foster a culture of education, mentorship, growth, and collaboration on the product development team
  • Establish processes for effective architectural planning, focused research and evaluation, and informed decision-making
  • Drive the development of internal tools that improve the efficiency of product development and reduce support costs

Personal leadership

  • Contribute to Lumen’s success in achieving the our mission
  • As a senior leader, exhibit unfailing commitment to and ownership of the company, its culture, its success and the team
  • Personify values of passion, creativity, generosity, humility, openness, reliability and success
  • Make Lumen a more successful, effective and inclusive organization