Software Engineer at Energy Storage Systems
Wilsonville, OR, US

Company Profile

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) is a fast-growing, clean technology company, located in Wilsonville, OR. ESS has developed an  advanced flow battery technology for commercial, industrial, and utility applications. With a team that boasts decades  of experience in distributed power generation and energy storage technologies, ESS has developed an extremely cost-effective energy management system that combines a safe, abundant and non-toxic iron electrolyte with our patented flow cell design. This combination of high performance with low cost means that ESS’s technology is ideally suited for applications that range in size from retail energy management to utility-scale renewables integration.



Position Profile

This position will work closely with our development team to create software that will control the flow battery systems, battery test stands and all of the ancillary software needed to log the data and present the data to customers, engineers and field service personnel. The ideal candidate will be comfortable working with the various different technologies currently implemented in the ESS software portfolio.



Principle Roles and Tasks

§ Creation of RESTful APIs for delivering system performance data to various applications and interfaces

§ Development and maintenance of web-based system UI for machine monitoring and operation

§ Development of a field service web site to help manage the flow battery systems deployed in the field

§ Development of a data analysis web site to improve the efficiency of analyzing battery performance

§ Development of web-based tools to allow scripting of battery system testing

§ Development of auto generated periodic fleet performance reports

§ Development and maintenance of new and existing firmware for use in flow battery systems

§ Work with design engineers and test technicians to provide technical assistance as needed

§ Design algorithms to operate groups of battery systems optimally in micro-grid or grid-tied applications





• BS or higher in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, related field, or equivalent experience

• Minimal 3 years working experience in software engineering.

• Strong coding skills in C#, C++, JavaScript

• Experience creating software applications for varied hardware platforms

• Experience working with database systems

• Hands-on experience in software architecture and design

• Experience writing code to interface with hardware systems

• Good interpersonal and communication skills to work effectively with a small,  dynamic team

• U.S. Citizenship or permanent residency




• Experience with cloud based computing platforms such as Azure or AWS

• Experience with Linux system management

• Self-starter

• Ability to work with minimal direction

• Experience in a startup environment

• Understanding of linear mathematics

• Familiarity with OSISoft’s PI data historian

• Desire to be part of something awesome while accepting the challenges and responsibilities that come along with great opportunity

• Cool and fun to work with